The $600 decision.. PS2 & TSU2000 or TSU6000

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Brett DiMichele, Nov 29, 2001.

  1. Brett DiMichele

    Brett DiMichele Producer

    Sep 30, 2001
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    As the topic indicates I am trying to make up my mind what
    I want to spend $600-650 on...
    I could get a Pronto TSU2000 for $300.00 and a PS2 with GT3
    for $350.00 or I can get a Pronto Pro TSU6000 for $650.00 or
    thereabouts.. I know, what a pitty having to make this choice.
    Or I could just buy the TSU2000 and something completely
    diffrent for $300.00 or so..
    Ya know, I hate having money in my hands or pocket because
    it drives me CrAzY! [​IMG]
  2. Scott-C

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    Jul 23, 2001
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    How much do you value having a color interface for your remote, and the capability to transmit RF signals? The color Pronto looks cool, but if you buy the 6000 you'll still only get a remote; if you buy the 2000 and PS2, you get a remote with essentially most of the functionality of the 6000, in addition to the PS2.

    Hmm, if I had to make the decision, I'd wait a little while longer to see what some of the new LCD remotes look like. I think Marantz is bringing out a color LCD remote with more hard buttons that looks cool. But that's just me and because I tend to not play video games.

    No matter what you do, it's a good decision to have to make, eh?
  3. Howard_S

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    Nov 1, 2001
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    PS2. I'm a gamer and I can't imagine how you can get more fun out of remote than the PS2. If you don't plan to buy any games for the PS2 however then I would rethink the decision. Do you play games? Do you have any video game consoles? Obviously if you're thinking about getting the PS2 then you should go with a game system. Even if you don't buy the games you can always rent them. There's a lot of AAA games out for the PS2 right now.
  4. Brett DiMichele

    Brett DiMichele Producer

    Sep 30, 2001
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    I value having a color display very much so. As much as the
    4 shade monochrome display on the TSU2000 looks very good,
    it still lacks the definition not to mention the WOW factor
    of 256 Color.
    Yeah I would love to wait because as soon as I shell out the
    $600.00+ for the Pronto Pro, no doubt someone else will come
    out with something better (ain't that typical?) My problem
    is that I can't wait.. I just sold my Sima SUR-20 LCD and I
    am now back to switching back and fourth between remotes and
    my dad can't even use this system at all. Which brings me to
    the reasoning of even buying a Pronto at all.. He needs to
    be able to look at simple logo's and just click.. Perhaps if
    I just told him no he can't use the system at all this would
    save me money.. But I can't do that [​IMG]
    I don't own a console right now (unless the original Nintendo
    My biggest hangup is that I feel the PS2 should cost $199.00
    and not $300.00... I don't need a DVD Player and I could care
    less if it plays CD's I just want to game! And mainly for me
    it would be games like GT3,Spy Hunter, Nascar Racing and
    some RPG's
    I think I am going to hold off and wait for prices to drop
    on the PS2.. I heard the prices in Japan just fell by a large
    margin.. Perhaps in the comming weeks/months we will see a
    price reduction by Sony in the US.. Though it's doubtful
    because Sony runs things like the Gustapo! [​IMG]

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