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    What is THD, and what % is considered to be good?
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    Here is a copy of a good post by Peter J. who said:

    A little clarification is needed...

    THD means bascially nothing. It can be lowered by increasing negative feedback. You achieve WAY lower THD by increasing neg. feedback..getting it down to 0.0001 or less..

    Problem with negative feedback is it is generally considered to sound like crap..

    THD is considered inaudible until you go well into the single figure THD levels (like 2-3+%).

    You speakers will produced hundreds of time more distortion than your amp..assuming its not clipping.

    Power also means the others said. The difference in "loudness" between 80 and 100W is nothing...BUT the 100W MAY sound a little more "easy" (less strained) at loud SPL's.

    The best way is to listen.

    I recommend what he said above all else!!!

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