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    I am planning a week long (Thurs. - Thurs.) Thanksgiving marathon.... to attempt to see if I can watch every Thanksgiving episode of any of the TV Series I own on DVD. So far looking through my collection I came up with...

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Own all Seasons):

    • Pangs

    Commander in Chief (Own Both Volumes):

    • The Mom Who Came to Dinner

    Dharma & Greg (Own Season 1):

    • The First Thanksgiving

    Everybody Loves Raymond (Own Seasons 1-4):

    • Turkey or Fish
    • No Fat
    • No Thanks

    Friends (Own All Seasons):

    • The One Where Underdog Gets Away
    • The One With the List
    • The One With the Football
    • The One With Chandler in the Box
    • The One With Ross' Sandwich
    • The One Where Ross Got High
    • The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs
    • The One With the Rumor
    • The One With Rachel's Other Sister
    • The One With the Late Thanksgiving

    Full House (Own Season 1):

    • The Miracle of Thanksgiving

    Grey's Anatomy (Own Seasons 1-4):

    • Thanks for the Memories

    How I Met Your Mother (Own Season 1):

    • Belly Full of Turkey

    The Incredible Hulk (Own All Seasons):

    • Homecoming

    The Jeff Foxworthy Show (Own All Seasons):

    • Thanksgiving

    Party of Five (Own Season 1):

    • Thanksgiving

    Picket Fences (Own Season 1):

    • Thanksgiving

    Reba (Own All Seasons):

    • Thanksgiving
    • Invasion

    Roseanne (Own Seasons 1-5):

    • Thanksgiving '91

    Sabrina: The Teenage Witch (Own Seasons 1-5):

    • Love Means Having to Say Your Sorry

    Spin City (Own Season 1):

    • The Competition

    Sports Night (Own All Seasons):

    • Thespis

    Too Close for Comfort (Own Seasons 1-2):

    • Rafkin's Bum

    That is what I have found in my collection by looking at the overviews and a little research. So far I count 30 episodes. But with the hundreds of TV Series sets that I have I am wondering how many I am missing.

    I listed what Seasons I own of the series I know I have Thanksgiving episodes I have... in case I missed other seasons. But I would also appreciate Plus I am hoping I may find some others that I missed... so wondering what Thanksgiving TV Episodes you all can think of.

    Any and all help is much appreciated! And who knows... maybe between my list and what others think of we may help other people that want to watch some Thanksgiving episodes as well!
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    Well, the most obvious one that is an absolute MUST see and a TV classic is WKRP Thanksgiving episode "Turkey's Away!". I watch it every year and still laugh.


    Home Improvement

    Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - a classic and MUST see also.

    Al Roker's New England Thanksgiving - documentary

    History of Thanksgiving - History Channel video documentary

    The Waltons

    Little House on the Prairie

    More I'm sure but those are mine I always try to see. Now, let's start a list of Christmas shows too!

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