Thanks to everyone for the new server!!

Parker Clack

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Jun 30, 1997
Kansas City, MO
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Ron and I want to thank everyone for our new server. Everyone went out of their way in getting donations to us so that this could happen in the first place.
Just so you know what we ended up with.
Thanks to all we now have a new Dell Poweredge server with dual Pentium III 1.26G CPUs with 512K of cache each, 2G of 133 ECC RAM, 4 18.1G SCSI 10K Hotswap HDs, RAID 5 dual channel with 128M of RAM and dual Hotswap power supplies in a 2U rack.
We are being hosted on a network that is connected to the net directly through a local phone company in Boise Idaho with multiple redundant lines and a plenty of power back up with they lose power to the building.
I would be remiss if I didn't state that in addition to the monies that people gave several members of the forum gave of their time and expertise to make this happen.
We thank everyone for their patience in getting to this point in the first place with not being able to access the site and having to give up being able to search the site.
Over the next couple of days the domain name of will be propogating down thru the net so that it shows up at this new location. In the interm you may notice some pages not working right or other odd things happening. These should all be resolved over the next few days as our domain name starts to show up just on this server instead of trying to go to the old site sometimes and this site the rest of the time.
Again we thank you for you patience in this. In the end we will have about the fastest access to a forum on the net for some time to come. (Ok there are others that are faster but we are right up there with the fastest) and we will continue to grow with needed changes as the membership grows.
Thank you all so much for making our site an even better place to visit and just hang out together in.
Parker Clack
Ronald Epstein


Second Unit
Jul 19, 2000
No, thank you for giving us such a great resource! I don't know how much money/time/energy I've saved by coming to this forum. Thanks guys!
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Dec 7, 1999
Your welcome.

No, really, the thanks should sent in your direction (both of you) for the great resource and community that is the HTF. Without all of your hard work and patience, none of this would be possible.
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Kevin P

Jan 18, 1999
You're welcome. I want one of those servers in my house!
Dang, the RAID controller has as much memory as my entire PC at home!

What's the total storage capacity of the drive array? About 50 gigs? How much space does the HTF take up now? Will threads stick around longer now?
If you ever need upgrades in the future, or another server, just let me know, I'll be glad to donate more! You probably prefer money over hardware donations since I doubt you want the 486s in my closet.


Yohan Pamudji

Supporting Actor
Apr 3, 2001
Props on the new server!!! This server is super fast, much faster than the old one. Oh, and being able to search during the day--priceless. Great job, guys!
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Deane Johnson

Supporting Actor
Jan 27, 1999
In the past, mid-day and afternoons were impossible. Today, I have been on it a couple of times this afternoon and it's lightning fast. The upgrade was indeed a success.

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