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    Dec 2, 2001
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    Thank you for all the recommendations. I just purchased my new system and had it all delivered last Saturday morning. I got the Panasonic 36HX41, a Yamaha RX-2200, the Acoustic Research HC6 speaker system and a JVC FA95 7 disc progressive DVD player.

    Took me most of the day to mount speakers, hook everything up and run wire.

    Turned it on about 3:00pm. Started with music. All I can say is my wife (who wasn't overly enthusiastic to begin with) said "WOW."

    It sounds fabulous. The Yamaha is excellent. The AR HC6 are clear, full and absolutely beautiful to look at. I let my wife pick the first movie. Pearl Harbor. It was amazing. During the attack scenes, it was like being in the middle of the action. The Panasonic has a great picture, no geometry issues at all and looks pretty damn good even on our crappy analog cable signal. But the DVDs---whoa! It's like watching these movies for the first time.

    Sat nite, we went out to dinner and put Toy Story on for the kids. The babysitter wants to move in. Toy Story was so bright, sharp and beautiful, we just stared at it; almost didn't go out.

    The JVC player is terrific. With 7-disc capacity and true progressive output, I get flexibility and a great picture.

    I have to say I am absolutely delighted. Probably the best commentary is that by Sunday night, my wife said, "You know, you were right--this is really nice. I love the TV thing...Merry Christmas."

    Considering where she was mentally and the amount of grief I took over the last 3 months of researching, this was almost miraculous to hear.

    Thanks again for all the input and recommendations. I don't think I would have considered the AR HC6 system without this forum.
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    What got my wife to start accepting the HT stuff was when we started inviting other couples over to watch either new release disks or classics. Since it became an excuse for socializing, it has gotten fewer complaints. And I have some great disks (Brazil, Godfather, Dr. Strangelove) sitting in shrink-wrap awaiting our next movie party.
    "Oh Honey, we should get this disk for when the _____'s come over!" [​IMG]

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