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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by John_Quincy, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. John_Quincy

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    Dec 4, 2001
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    I just put together my hometheater system this weekend and it sound great! Here's my setup:
    Kenwood VR509
    Panansonic RV31K DVD/CD
    JBL NSP-1 Speakers
    Sony SA-WM40 Sub
    (Older 25" TV)
    (Older 4 head VCR)
    My wife and I watched Jurassic Park III and Rush Hour 2. The speakers are so amazing compared to the tiny little TV speaker. (DUH!)
    To tell you how impressed we were, there was one part in JPIII where a metallic clicking sound came from one of the rear surround speakers. We both looked back at the front door, where the speaker is near, to see where the sound is coming from. Also, just hearing the dinosaurs fight and crash into the ground! I love this sub.
    Thanks for all your help. Now I gotta figure out how to program more crap into this remote [​IMG]
  2. AaronMK

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    Oct 30, 1999
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    Aaron Karp
    John, thanks for the review. Sounds like a great bang for the buck, and a real find for those of us looking for a great system that won't blow the bank.

    The Sony SA-WM40 sub was not on my consideration list before because I was always under the impression that Sony did not make very good speakers. Thanks for pointing me to it, as I may not have even considered it. After reading about all the problems with the JBL P10, and then reading great things about the SA-WM40, the SA-WM40 is now at the top.

    I still have much more research and listening to do before taking the plunge, but your good note on the system really helped.

    Enjoy it!!
  3. Jerry AZ

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    Dec 7, 2001
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    Great John! My Onkyo 595 and NSP1's should be here this week. I'll be picking up the Sony sub after x-mas. Can't wait.[​IMG]

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