Thank you Warner: Cats & Dogs

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  1. Christopher Carr

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    Jun 25, 2000
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    As reported by, CATS & DOGS will receive the Pan & Scan AND Widescreen versions of the films (considering that had first reported a widescreen transfer on the DVD)
    DVDTALK says that WB PR said directly that yes the DVD will include both the pan & scan and widescreen versions on the same if only WARNER would continue to do this on every "Family" DVD...
    Now I guess I will pick CATS & DOGS up because I made a list of all the movies I was going to be getting in the future and right next to Cats & Dogs was "(only if it is Widescreen)"...
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    WHOA!! Hang on a second here! Is this true!!? Because if it is, i'm gonna go pop open the champaign!!!
    Warner Bros. is officially dead to me.
  3. CharlesD

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    Mar 30, 2000
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    Thank-you Warner for coming to your senses over Wonka and Cats & Dogs! I hope this represents a change in policy for all future "family" DVDs and is not simply a knee-jerk PR reaction to the bad publicity over Wonka.
    Now if only you would actually tell someone what's on the Neverending Story DVD!
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