Thank you Warner Brothers!!

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Lynda-Marie, Feb 9, 2005.

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    This is meant as a big THANK YOU!!! to the folks at the Warner Brothers Television division for putting Night Court out on DVD!

    This is one of the main reasons I have been hoping and praying that the TV shows on DVD market would pick up very, very quickly.

    Like many people on this board, I have a number of favorite shows I have been wanting on DVD. This is one of the main ones, and I thought it would be proper to express my gratitude for this in a public forum.

    The last few years have been kind of rough on me, and I have been in desperate need of laughter... not just the occasional giggle with a roll of the eyes and a, "Jeez, is that all the better that can be done these days?"

    I am talking a REAL laugh, one of those after which one's ribs ache mercilessly for a few hours after watching something really funny.

    After the purchase of Night Court yesterday, I am VERY surprised that my neighbors have not called the local authorities to report an escaped hyena loose in my apartment.

    Night Court was always a favorite, because though it is a comedy, set in a court, the show never lost respect for the judicial system or the justice it represents. I have always loved how it showed so many different personalities forging a real team. Also, having worked second and third shifts, I loved how realistic the crowd of after hours weirdos one has to deal with are portrayed.

    The only possible complaint I could have is that there were not MORE episodes to be found on this set, but as it is only the first season, that is not really the fault of the television folks who were kind enough to release this.

    Oh, in the future, chapter stops would be nice! [​IMG]

    Again, my sincerest and most heartfelt gratitude to the folks at Warner Brothers Television for seeing fit to release Night Court on DVD. This made an especially nice early birthday present for myself.

    P.S. I am not sure if this is the proper area to post this sort of thing. If it is not, would a moderator please let me know where that proper place is?
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    Dallas TX

    Just one forum member's feedback, but I loved your post. Very genuine and brought a [​IMG] to me. It's ironic about "Night Court" because that's one of the series that I didn't watch when it originally aired but I've been thinking of trying it out as a "blind buy" (as the HTF'ers phrase it so well [​IMG] ). I recently bought it at Amazon/CA for a 'net friend as a b'day present (he was sure surprised in Canada when he checked his e-mail). He's another NC fanatic so I'll try it out as well. I've always been a TV fan of John Laroquette (sp?) and Markie Post.

    Warner Bros note: There's a lot of us waiting for "Lois and Clark" which is rumored to be coming this year [​IMG]

    PS Hope things get better for you very soon [​IMG]
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    Dec 26, 2004
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    Oh yes yes, I agree to the fullest extent, not so much about Night Court (as I plan to pick it up soon, I just haven't yet), but more so for Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the mecha of 2-Disc releases and S.E. releases Warner has been putting out. Warner is setting the bar for DVD releases not only in terms of quantity but quality as well, they are simply in a category all their own. I must have purchased over 20 Warner titles in the past 2 weeks, it's simply stunning, I find myself always look at the side of the box for that WB logo.

    Fresh Prince, Night Court, Full House, Murphy Brown, Jamie Foxx and more in one week. It only gets better, I'm very proud of Warner and I thank them as well. I hope they keep up the good work and get even better.

    Go Warner, they own me...UNC beats Duke tonight!

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