Thank you Image for the AMC Documentaries, now how about the entire run of"Backstory"

Discussion in 'DVD' started by ChristopherBlig, Oct 26, 2003.

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    Getting to see the AMC documentaries The Omen Legacy and The Alien Saga on DVD were real treats and what was more than that was the extras they supplied..all the primary trailers and behind the scenes stuff that knocked my socks off.
    One of my favorite programs on AMC was a show called [bold]Backstory. Many movies were covered and at the end of that half hour (or hour in a few cases) you learned something new about that movie that was not known about going into that episode.
    A few DVDs (Norma Rae, Seven Year Itch, All About Eve, Long Hot Summer and a few others) have included these fine episodes as part of their DVDs which is great.
    As for the remaining episodes, they've yet to be seen by a wide audience. I would like to see Image Entertainment put out the entire run of Backstory on DVD since AMC has not been producing any new ones and probably won't be anytime soon being that they've given in to commercials between movies.
    I also hope they can give the same justice they gave the other AMC documentaries by putting on extras and trailers to the covered movies along with any extra footage that can be included. I'd buy it in a heartbeat and movie buffs who have or have not seen it can get a mini lesson in their favorite movies or familiarize yourself with movies you've heard about but never knew about...until now
    I would love to hear all of your thoughts on it along with any reps from Image Entertainment. Thank you
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    Im with you on this. For some reason, Fox did NOT include the documentaries for Bus Stop, Anastasia, the Robe, and we have heard that there was an hour long documentary on Hello Dolly that has not yet run on AMC nor has it been released on the dvd. There is also one for Peyton Place that doesn't seem to be a part of the new DVD.
    I hope they continue with the series. It would be nice to have making ofs done for Carousel, South Pacific, the Egyptian, Prince of Foxes, Prince Valiant, etc.
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    Back Story was the last worthwhile thing AMC ever did before selling out and becoming the crappy channel it is today. In fact, most of the Back Story episodes were run with commercial interruptions. Sad. They actually were quite good, some more so than others. And I liked the new-age music used under the credits.

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