Thank You All for your posts! A couple questions.


Jan 22, 2007
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This forum has been an absolute assett in building my home theater and I could not have done it without the questions asked and those who took the time to respond.

I have a couple of questions regarding final purchases and setup; I am stuck on the Panasonic AX100-U projector. From posts read, I think it is a great choice. It will be suspended from an eight foot ceiling 12 feet from a 100" screen, (room is 19'X24', and removal of ceiling fan leaves a hole that can be used). Ceilings and walls are painted accordingly to prevent reflection. Will I be utilizing this projector correctly, i.e. is the distance good for the size of screen?

Center, left and right speakers will be Infinity TSS-SAT4000. Rears will be the Infinity SAT 1100. I also have debated heavily on the Boston Acoustics P450 for the center, left and right, and rear BA Bravo II.

The BA's have larger drivers and are 6" taller which gives me the impression that they will look better mounted next to the screen. What speakers would YOU pick? Money does matter and the BA setup is $400 more. My Onkyo head unit is fairly new and cranks out 75W per channel and will be using that for some time until I win the lotto. Looking at distances of 20' for the rear speaker to the amp, is 16 guage Monster wire good enough? Is bigger better to counteract distance?

Why does a projector like this Panasonic producing 2000+ ANSI Lumens cost thousands less than the Sony VPL-VW50 producing only 1200 ANSI lumens? Is it the same as when misleading advertising on amps would report peak-to-peak wattage rather than RMS?

Apparently newbies cannot post links, and I had all the speakers linked to crutchfield. I hope that you find a moment to review my speaker selections. Crutchfield sales rep said the Infinity will give more crisp high compared to the BA's. He recommended the Infinity's over the BA's.

And maybe my choice of projector is NOT that great. What would you buy with a retail price of around $3000. I know no one pays retail, but that is the only standard. I found the Panasonic AX100-U on the Net from four very reliable seller for just under $1400. I found that this particular projevtor has a manual zoom, is that such a bad thing?

Thank You All for your responses...


Jim Mcc

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Feb 11, 2004
Oconomowoc, WI.
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The AX100 costs a lot less because it is 720p, and the Sony is 1080p. There's nothing wrong with a manual zoom. I'd be very skeptical of a $1400 price for the AX100. Are they authorized Panasonic dealers? Are you also considering a DLP projector? I assume you checked to see if you can get a 100" screen size from a 12' throw?

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