Testing for "cloudiness"?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Paul_III, Apr 15, 2010.

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    I moved about a week ago, and I've noticed since the move that the blacks on my Samsung LN52B750 on the sides appear greyish and what I think may be clouding - last night I was watching something and the screen went all black and it definitely looked like clouding or pictures I've seen online that mention clouding. Now, I got rid of all my furniture before I moved, and am waiting on my new stuff to be delivered next week, so my temporary seating arrangement is much lower than my couch was and will be (I'm sitting on a lovesac which is very low to the ground), so that may account for some of what I'm seeing, also I'm sitting a bit closer to the set than I was in my last place. But I was wondering if there is a test or something I can do? I'm just concerned that something may have gotten damaged during the move, although I literally moved three blocks and packaged it in its original box with the styrofoam etc, so I don't think it could've gotten damaged but I'm not sure how fragile these things are. Also its still under the one year manufacturer's warranty, although I'm not sure that I could prove to them that it is defective since from what I've found "cloudiness" seems to be subjective, any thoughts/opinions/expertise would be greatly appreciated.
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    not sure about this.
    If you do have clouding, it would not be a manufacturer problem, it would have been caused during the move so it would be your problem (or your movers problem).
    good luck!!

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