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    Oct 21, 2001
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    I just received my first subwoofer ever today and I'm very excited to get it to the right level.
    I have the Denon 4800 and when I use the test tone for the sub it is some very low rumbling and the needle on the meter is moving all around. I can't get it to give an accurate reading like the other speakers. Do I just get it close and call it good or is there a certain way to do it.
    Where I have it set now seems pretty low(volume) but was reading around 80db(have other speakers set at 75db). Was I getting a poor reading and how else can I do it.
    Please help
    By the way its a HSU VTF-2 and if anybody else has one please tell me your settings you found to be the best. I am new to all this and the polarity and crossover in and out, where to put the foam plug etc.
  2. John Kotches

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    Mar 14, 2000
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    First off...
    Set the meter to SLOW response and it will behave better for you. Also make sure it is set to C weighting, not A.
    There's no way to get the RS meter to behave any "slower" than slow response.
    I calibrate my system so that the lowest level (the bottom of the peaks) is what I calibrate to.
    If you're going for "reference calibration" you must calibrate all speakers evenly, and if you're really picky the subwoofer should be 2-3dB LOWER than the rest due to inaccuracies in the RS meter.
    I'm not familiar with either of your components, this is generic to subwoofer and system calibration.
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  3. Ariel

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    May 13, 2001
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    if the needle still behaves wildly after following the suggestion of John, there are big peaks and valleys in the response of your subwoofer. it will be very helpful if you have a test tone cd w/ individual test freq. from 20hz~100hz or above. i also have this problem and the best that i can do is move the sub to other location where the variance is minimal. i'm planning to get a parametric equalizer to correct this problem.
  4. ToddJoseph

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    Sep 9, 2000
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    Many sub woofer guru's recommend a 2-3+ dbs increase over the mains. Also set your mains and rears and center to small so that all the bass goes to your sub. Take the lower end number and then take the higher number when it jumps around add them two together and divide by 2 and that will give you and avg. But then again its still not accurate. Tom or Ron from SVS can help you with the readings.

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