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    I've got the Stryke test disk which contains single frequency sine wave tones as well as single frequency "warble tones".

    I use it to mainly help calibrate my SVS sub and BFD equalizer.

    We've all heard that running pure sine waves for too long will fry your driver, so it's recommended that you use the warble tones. I think we all get a littl frustrated with the SPL meter's needle moving with the warbles...so, I anyway, risk the sine tones since it's easier to calibrate.

    My question is...how can warble tones be a single frequency? If they're "warbling", aren't they hitting (at least) two frequencies?
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    You don't want to use the warble tones as they avoid room response. Use the sine tones if you are trying to get a good FR in your room with the BFD.

    I believe the warble tones are like when you twist your volume control back and forth real fast but I'm not exactly sure. thats just what is sounds like to me.

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