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Greg Haynes

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Oct 22, 1998
*Terk Q AM/FM*

Terk Q AM/FM Amplified Antenna
This auction if for a used, but in perfect condition AM.FM Q amplified antenna with power supply. I bought this antenna new 6 months ago and have barely used it. The antenna worked awesome in my basement and during that period I was able to pick up stations I had never heard before. I now find myself listening alot more to CD than radio so this need antenna needs a new home.
The antenna is in new condition and this sale will include the Terk antenna, orginal box, a/c power supply, 75ohm to 75ohm matching transformer, & 75ohm to 300ohm matching transformer.
I will ship using USPS and will only ship to the US.
Price - $50 + $6 s/h
I will accept money orders, cashier's check, & PayPal.
Here are the specs for the antenna
With all the interference in our air waves today an antenna like this one is invaluable if you enjoy listening to quality programs on your radio. There is a lot of great entertainment out there, but your receiver needs a little help in providing it for you. The Terk AM.FM Q gives your receiver the purest signal possible and it is cosmetically very pleasing too.
The Terk features PIN-DOT pre-tuning.
PIN-DOT locks in to receive purest possible signal.
Wide band-setting receives hard to get AM/FM stations
New COINDUCTION CIRCUITRY prevents interference between dissimilar AM and FM antennas.
For more information on The TERK ANTENNA check out out http://www.terk.com/radio/product/amfmq.html.
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