TenBenny (a.k.a. Nothing to Lose)-Starring Adrien Brody

Discussion in 'DVD' started by MarkHastings, May 23, 2003.

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    Now that Adrien Brody is getting recognition for "The Pianist", I figure his older movies may start gaining popularity...

    I work with a woman (Anna Manfredi) who played the mom (Mrs. Deturo) of Adrian Brody's girlfriend and she just let me borrow the DVD. I don't think I have time to watch it this weekend, but has anyone seen it? What are your thoughts?

    Interesting side note:
    She (Anna) was telling me that when it was made (1996? or 98?) it was going to be called "Nothing to Lose", but the Martin Lawrence/Tim Robbins movie was also using that name and they got into a big battle royal over who had it first...Obviously Martin and Tims movie won, but she said it pushed back the release date of that movie.
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    My wife and I watched this one sometime last year - picked it up for cheap on impulse at J&R Music World on a trip to NYC. We never heard of Adrien Brody at the time, but after watching the movie, we saw that he had some hidden talent. I thought he'd likely appear in another (better) movie in the near future (and he did!).

    The other main actor in the movie (not sure his name) was a little too much over the top in his role if I remember correctly. In all I guess I'm saying that the movie didn't quite hold up as far as the acting and story went. Not entirely believable and was hoping for more. Certainly OK to watch, but only once in our opinion. Since we only paid I think $6.99, we didn't feel so bad.

    Hope this helps.

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