Temporary 16x9 on a 4x3 Tosh?

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    Now that I've done the SVM disable, focus, and service convergence (thanks Jay!) I'm dying to see a true anamorphic image on my 55HX70. I've read at the Keohi HDTV site about a service mode raster shrink using the para, trap, hit, and wid settings (can't find the trap referred to in the service manual- is it there, and what does it alter?). I notice this tip was written for the older Tosh 4x3 sets; does it still work for the 43, 50, 55, and 61HX70's?Any of you hx70 owners try it? Is there a danger of burn in if I do it simply to watch a movie or 2 with the family, then switch it back? How about time required- Keohi said 10 minutes to setup, but that seems unrealistic if it involves a major reconvergence. When all is said and done will the final result be no different than what Sony accomplishes in their 53hs10- a simple raster squeeze minus the automatic switching back and forth? Thanks again guys!
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    The major reconverge depends alot on how fast you can work through the service grid. The 10 minute figure assumes a certain level of competence.
    The trick should work on the current sets too. You rarely have to worry about the trap parameter.
    When done, it is like the Sony ... except it takes so much longer to get there.
    Michael @ The Laser Video Experience

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