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    Since I am going to order my Tempest (15" driver) within the next few days and a Parts Express 250watt plate amp, I will start the MDF cutting any day soon to be ready for the sub. I done up a drawing of the sub in SolidWorks (if any of ye recognise this piece of software, its excellent). It is a copy of the AdireAudio alignment one that they have on their site.
    Since I live over here in Ireland, where the metric system is in place,I decided to convert the measurements to suit us metric people. Some of the measurements were rounded off to suit us but nothing that will have a effect, a few milimeters here and there.
    Some of you might have a bit of use of the drawings, maybe some traitoring American metric people. But since I had it done, I said I'ld post it just in case it could come in useful to some one else
    Just click on the link below to get the drawings of each part.
    Hope this will entise a few more people to go the DIY style.
    I am sure this sub will work out very well since everyone here on this site thinks its excellent.

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