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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by DerrikW, Jun 26, 2003.

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    I am thinking about building a DIY sub to replace my paradigm ps-1200, and was thinking of using an adire tempest(a tumult would be nice but the whole $ thing comes into effect). I have never built a DIY sub before and I need some recommendations on what type of cabinet I should use, downward firing, front firing, PR, ported, sealed. Also some dimensions would be helpful so I know how big to build it, and if U do recommend porting where would I get ports from. I am very knowledgable when it comes to wiring the whole thing together so that is not a problem. I would like this thing play down to at least 20hz, 15 or so would be better(regions where my paradigm can't even think of touching). Also what kind of amp would you recommend using that is fairly cheap that will power this thing fine. By the way my use is 90% HT, and 10% music, so HT will be my biggest concern, music doesn't really matter since I don't use a sub for music much any way. Thanks for any info.
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    I'd go to Adire's webite and download the plans for their SBB4 194L tempest tuned to 18hz. I have both an adire alignment and a smaller tempest tuned to 24hz, and I believe the SBB4 will suit you best.

    If you copy their "White page" design you really can't go wrong.

    Then at Parts Express, purchase a 250W subwoofer plate amp for $120 shipped. And you'll have yourself a nice HT sub for under $400. The ports should also be purchased at Parts express to save some money. Get two of the 3" flared ports which are about $12ea, and don't forget a speaker terminal if you don't mount the amp on the box.
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    Chris is right, you really can't go wrong with Adire's vented designs for HT. I think you should consider the EBS design though since you're 90% HT/10% Music. You're more likely to hit 15Hz with authority with a big enclosure tuned low.

    I've got a modified EBS alignment Tempest in a 24" diameter by 43" height sonotube. Around 290L (instead of EBS 340L) -- 6" straight port, tuned to 17.5Hz (instead of EBS 15.8Hz).

    If you're considering a sonotube-based sub, you should check Andrew Low's webpage, especially the "Tube Volume Calculator" and the "Sonotube cutting calculator." Both were helpful to me. Also, you may find Adire's design software, LspCAD helpful, especially if you want to deviate from their reference designs at all.

    Good luck with DIY. I had never built much of anything, but I enjoyed the build process. I finished in January and I've really enjoyed going back and re-watching/listening to my DVDs and CDs. It's a whole new experience.

    Here's mine:


    I used an old Pro-Logic receiver (in picture) that I had to power my sub (100W x 2). If you have an old amp lying around, that's one nice thing about the Tempest it doesn't need 800-1000W of power (like the Tumult) to shine. If you don't have any spare amplification, Chris's plate amp suggestion will suit.


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