Tell my what steps are next for this HT project.


Feb 3, 2006
I have recently built an addtion on to my home with the intent of using one of the areas for a home theatre. It is not a home theatre per se, but it is a part of a great room that will be used for many purposes, not the least of which is to watch movies. I have googled up information
The windows near the TV are set about 60" above the floor.

I can send anyone the link to the floor plan if they desire.

My dvd is a Sony SLV d360p. Because I have noticed a debate concerning the future of HD DVD I would like to use this player for a bit. I assume that I can replace it in the future with little trouble.

TV is a Sony KDF E50A10.

The receiver is an RCA STAV 3990, I would consider replacing this immediately if there is an inexpensive alternative. Otherwise I feel that I could replace it in the future as long as I have positioned the speakers property.

I intend to purchase the following speakers for the front and rear channels, Audiosource IW8S

and this for the center channel Audiosource ast220c

I am also using an Optimus hts105sw Subwoofer. It is a powered sub. It is ok, but I am sure I should consider alternatives at this time.

I am considering using 10ga speaker wire.

I will have a seperate system for my music, so this set up is for Movies only.

This construction thing is burning me out so I am looking for any advice from folks here. I would like suggestions on speaker placement, including the best height in the walls, where I could place the rears, and if the wire I have choosen is appropriate. If someone has some incredible equipment to steer me towards, I would really appreciate that. Please keep in mind that I don't want to set up a system that cost more than my house. A few hundred dollars, give or take, is the range I am looking in.

I have browsed the forums and there is a ton of information here that will assist me, but if anyone would like to give me specific advice I am all eyes.

Please tell me if I have violated any rules with this first post. I have read the rules and believe I understand both the letter and the spirit of them.

Thanks in advance.

Jay Mitchosky

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Sep 6, 1998

Height of speakers should get the tweeters roughly at ear level. For location consider the left and right speakers as two corners of an equilateral triangle, with your ears at the third point. In other words you and your mains are equidistant and equiangular to each other. Because you're looking at in-wall you won't really be able to experiment so this probably your best bet (unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer). Just make sure you pad the area behind the speakers tightly, and preferably build in frames around them to isolate from the rest of the wall. Center would be, well, center and same height.

For the rears consider placing the side surrounds at 110 degrees from the listening position and the rears at 160 degrees. Can't recall recommended height, probably around 30" above your ears (to the tweeters) space permitting.

For wire 10 guage is great but you'll run into problems terminating with that diameter. Not many connectors will accommodate that thickness. You might be better off going with 12 guage. I used really nice Monster solderless banana plugs and my 12 guage is their limit - a tight, perfect fit in the collar.


Feb 3, 2006
Thank you very much for the information! This is one of the easiest to understand explinations that I have found yet. I also found some posts here regarding wire size and was very happy to find that 12ga wire will be perfectly fine for my application. I never really understood the resistance of the wires prior to visiting here.

So, there ya go, the wonder we call the internet.

Thanks again.

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