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  1. Bob Cal

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    Dec 30, 2001
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    This might seem like an strange question but this is my

    first receiver with digital display. When I turn the volume the reading go -45db, -44db, -43db ,etc as I turn up the volume. I would have thought it would go the other way.

    I sent in a question to the Panasonic website the reply I got was.

    "Thank you for your inquiry. The SA-DX950 is operating correctly. When the volume reaches 0 you have the unit at the level that movie theaters use."

    To me the sound level at this level would be extemely high.

    Am I missing something.


  2. Christian Dolan

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    Nov 26, 2001
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    I'm staking a stab in the dark here, so take what I write with a grain (no,make that a slab) of salt.

    With 0dB as reference level, the volume control you have is , I believe , called a "relative level" control. You're adjusting the level relative to the reference level (think THX or Dolby reference level), which is the level at which mixers monitor their work on film mixing stages. If your display says -20dB, then you are twenty decibels down from that reference level. The other volume control that uses increasing numebers is called an "absolute level" control, which uses arbitrary numbers to describe the volume level of the unit. Hope I just didn't confuse you or embarrass myself.

  3. JohnnyG

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    The whole industry has gone this way, but it's just nonsense, really. There's just no way in the world that a 'zero' on the display is going to mean reference SPLs in *my* room with *my* speakers.

    The 'zero' point should be adjustable by the user.

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