TCFHE Press Release: Weekend At Bernie's (Blu-ray)

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    Weekend at Bernie’s
    Hilarious performances by Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman make this comedy a “good old, knockdown slapstick” (The Hollywood Reporter)! It sounded like a great weekend away at their boss Bernie’s beachside pleasure palace. But when working stiffs Richard and Larry (McCarthy and Silverman) arrive to find a real stiff — their murdered boss — they’re forced to concoct a crazy scheme to avoid being implicated and/or dead themselves! With Bernie propped up and his death effectively covered up, Richard and Larry’s weekend escape becomes exactly that, as they dodge curious babes, a curtain of bullets and one confused hit man!
    Weekend at Bernie’s Blu-ray
    Street Date: May 6, 2014 Prebook Date: April 9, 2014 Screen Format: Widescreen 1.85:1 Audio: English DTS-HD MA 2.0 Spanish Dolby Digital 1.0 French Dolby Digital 1.0 Subtitles: English SDH/Spanish/French U.S. Rating: PG-13 Total Run Time: 98 minutes Closed Captioned: Yes
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