TCFHE Press Release: Clint Eastwood: The Man With No Name Trilogy (Blu-ray)

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    I'm watching The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly now on blu. I'm about halfway through. Given that I've read some negative comments, I'm pretty pleased with the pq and aq so far. The close ups are intense~! You can almost see the individual hairs and pores. And everyone knows the music. I still think it's one of the great Westerns....I don't know the other two in this trilogy. Anyone care to comment on how they compare?
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    Best Buy only had 1 copy of the set in store today. Very odd.

    I've watched A Fistful Of Dollars so far. I'm pleased with the set. They look much better than DVD. Also, the DTS HD Master Audio is awesome!

    Very happy with the set and purchase. I've read the reviews about the Italian prints as well.

    After all the write ups over the Star Trek 1-6 films on bd and then actually seeing and hearing them, I decided to take some of the posts with a grain of salt and just go for it.

    Recommended set for sure.
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    We just got our review copy today and its on the way to Cameron for review.
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    They don't mention that For A Few Dollars More is still missing about 12 seconds of dialogue. It's at about 95 mins when the gang are beating up Eastwood & Cleef. Volante stops laughing then jumps off the wall and says "Stop it. See that they're tied and keep an eye on them." One of the henchmen says "Why let them live?" as they are walking back in and Volonte says "All things at the right time" Henchman "What do you mean?" then we're back inside and back with the Blu-Ray when Volonte says "What's he doing now the Sheriff in El Paso?"

    When you've seen it properly as per the TOBIS/Paramount DVD released in Germany it's then a really jarring jump cut on this MGM Blu-Ray as I've just done a back to back.

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