Tarzan: CE Pixilation Problem

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Brandon_S, Jan 3, 2005.

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    Last night I watched my Tarzan: CE DVD for the first time in a year. This is one of my favorite Disney movies and the CE is really outstanding.

    The first half of the movie played flawlessly. However, about halfway through the movie started to break-up. Audio dropped out and digital pixilation appeared on the screen. I immediately removed the disc and examined the surface. Everything looked fine. I am very careful with my movies and there were no scratches of any kind on the surface.

    I am afraid this might be related to the second layer somehow coming unglued. While I can see no physical evidence of this, it is strange that the problem occurs only during the second half of the movie.

    Has anyone had any luck getting Disney to replace problem DVDs? The Tarzan: CE is OOP and costs quite a bit on Ebay these days.

    Hopefully I won't find more DVDs in my collection that suffer a similar fate [​IMG].
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    Disc Rot. But, I believe, Disney has a great warranty policy. Look that up!
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    Yes, their warranty policy is outstanding. I had about 40 Disney dvds that I was able to recover from the rubble that was my house after Hurricane Charley. I called them and they gave me an address in Wisconsin to ship them to and all would be replaced for $6.95 apiece. They tested each disc though and in the case of about half of them the cases were only damaged and they reimbursed me $5.95 each for those as they only charged $1 to replace the case (with inserts & all). It was very quick and they even replaced all of my OOP ones. Unfortunately my Tarzan CE was totally lost and without the case and disc to return (in any condition) you can't get them replaced. They were really great though & I'd recommend sending it back to them for replacement.

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