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Tarantino's Next - A Script Review (1 Viewer)

Ross Williams

Supporting Actor
Feb 9, 1999
First read this: http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=10182 Then come back and discuss.
This sounds like a perfect film.
1: An explotation picture with well rounded characters.
2: A movie broken into chapters.
3: Kung Fu
4: Assassins
5: General ass-kicking of all kinds
6: Wrath of Khan quoted
7: Tarantino writing
8: Tarantino directing
9: It's called Kill Bill for God's sake.
I can't wait to see it!!
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Gilbert Galindo

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 29, 2001
It sound cool. Even though some people complain about QT's films as being too long, I wanted all of them to be longer because I liked them so much. 220 + pages is a lot, however I hope QT doesn't trim the movie. I remeber reading that Pulp was originally 3 and a half hours. I would like to see that extra footage someday. Maybe as part of a dvd. I still am waiting for good versions of all QT films. Where the hell is Jackie Brown? When Kill Bill comes out next year, I hope a dvd release will follow soon and not be delayed 5 years like Jackie. Good to see QT getting back into things.

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