Tallboy Speakers vs. Satellite Speakers

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Rowan_Oliver, Sep 27, 2004.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking at buying a HTIB given my limited budget, which I am tossing up between 2 models of the same brand with same power output for each channel, same receiver etc. Only difference is, one has tallboy speakers, the other has satellites.

    It is going in my bedroom, but I don't think tallboy speakers would fit very well in my room, but satellite speakers could be mounted on the shelf above my bed.

    Now, the problem i want to have answered, is that given the speakers have the same output etc. generally speaking would there be much or any difference in the sound quality between the two types of speakers and how much noticable?

    On a sidenote, subwoofers come in passive or active right? Which one is the way to go? both HTIB say 600w output (220 from SW, 380 from receiver)

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    All else being equal, the larger speakers will have better bass. Refer to the familiar equation:

    Eff.= Kn * Vb * F3^3

    Eff. is speaker efficiency, Kn is a bunch of lumped constants, Vb is speaker enclosure volume, F3 is speaker low frequency cutoff.

    So, by doubling the enclosure volume, you can effectively double efficiency or improve the low frequency extension by 26%.

    Now, whether all else is really equal is a big question. A larger enclosure means more material and more cost. The designer may cut corners in other areas to make up for this. I suggest you listen and judge for yourself.

    With regard to active or passive... it just indicates whether the subwoofer power amp is in the subwoofer or in the receiver. With HTIB, they make that decision for you. Generally all of the amplifiers are in one place to save on power supplies.
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    Rowan, I think you’ve already answered your own question:

    If that’s the way they publish the power distribution, then the subs are most likely active. If the sub only has an RCA cable for it’s connection, then it’s active for sure.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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