Taking Sides

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Mike Broadman, Sep 29, 2003.

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    Aug 24, 2001
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    Anyone seen this? A film about the post-WWII de-Nazification investigation on Wilhelm Furtwangler, Germany's leading composer before and during the war who opted to remain in Germany during the Nazi regime and once conducted for Hitler.

    Harvy Keitel stars as the American military officer in charge of the investigation, ordered to find something damning in order to set an example. He is assited by two young Germans, who turn in charming performances. Keitel's performance is getting slammed in the press, but I liked it. Maybe I'm just easily swayed by his general on-screen charisma.

    The movie is basically a morality play, making much of the audience flip-flop in their assessment of Furtwangler's behaviour.

    I didn't like the constant yellow-tint in the film. Color filtering is a technique I rarely appreciate.

    Overall, I enjoyed the film. It's an interesting story of art and history I wasn't really aware before seeing the film and, to use that ol' cliche, it made me think.
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    I've watched it till end of first half and got a bit bored, didn't bother to complete it. The color filtering you mentioned was annoying and the film had a very slow developing plot which I couldn't stand at the time... Maybe I was hoping better from Mr Cleaner.

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