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    I've been debating buying this watch for the last week now. Anybody own one? My girlfriend will probably buy it for me for X'mas, but I'd rather have it now. Should I just go ahead and buy it? What's the differnce between the 2 models other than having "TAG Heuer" or just "Heuer" on the face?

    No more upgrades is sight for my HT, so for now the watch "issue" will have to do.

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    Hello Jose.
    I hope this helps.

    The Company has been around since 1860 when it was founded by Edouard Heuer. It wasnt until 1985 when Heuer became part of the TAG (Techniques d'Avant-Garde) group and the birth of TAG Heuer watches.

    The Monaco Series is part of the "Classic" Heuer collection.(before it was part of TAG)Steve McQueen wore the same watch in the 1970 movie "Le Mans"

    the retro look if you will, and yes they are the same Company.

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