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    ..It seems that the Terminator has switched from a Harley FatBoy(T2) and has decided that he likes Indians better. He says that he has been riding Indians for years both on and off screen.....When did Arnold EVER ride an Indian on-screen???
    Newport Beach, CA - (MCNW) Two Indian Chief motorcycles that appeared in the film, "T3: Rise of the Machines", starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, were auctioned to supporters of California's Proposition 49, brining in more than $80,000. The proposition, which received voter approval on November 5th, is designed to increase state grants for before and after-school programs in elementary and middle schools. These programs will provide tutoring, homework assistance, and educational enrichment to children throughout the state.
    "I am very thankful to the generous bidders who have contributed to the Proposition 49 campaign," said Mr. Schwarzenegger, architect and sponsor of Proposition 49. "I have been riding Indian motorcycles for years, both on and off screen and I am happy that these Chiefs were also such a big hit at these fundraising auctions," Schwarzenegger continued.
    The first Chief was sold at a fundraiser in Newport Beach for $45,000 along with the Terminator costume worn by Schwarzenegger during the filming of T3. The winning bidder plans to loan the motorcycle and costume to the Orange County Sheriff's Department for use in its after-school DARE anti-drug program.
    The second Chief was sold for $40,000 at subsequent fundraiser in the San Francisco area.
    Indian Motorcycle Corporation provided eight motorcycles during the filming of Terminator 3, each of which was configured as a specially made police machine. Mr. Schwarzenegger rode the motorcycle during a chase scene in the film. "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines," a highly anticipated franchise sequel, is scheduled for release on July 3, 2003.
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    The modern company with the name "Indian" had only been in business for about three years, they build S&S powered Harley clones with bolt-on Skirted fenders and Indian nameplates. They recently announced a new engine designed that is exclusive, but still very much based on the Harley "Evolution" engine.

    BTW they got a huge cash infusion a few years ago from Kawasaki in return for the rights to use the classic Indian fender design on the Drifter models.

    And the Kawasaki Drifters, though perhaps not the best sellers, are prettier than the Indians, offer much better performance, are much closer to the original 40s Indian as far as size and performance (the 800 model particularly). Also I believe the 1500 Drifters are made in Kawasaki's huge Lincoln, Nebraska factory.

    Personally I'd take that over the modern "Indian". That is, until and unless they seriously ramp up production and come out with a real legitimate new machine.
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