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Sync Delay, Samsung 4 series LCD (1 Viewer)


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Dec 11, 2005
Hi all,

I recently purchased a 32" Samsung series 4 LCD (LN32A450) and got a really good deal on it.

However I am noticing problems on Channels 4 (NBC) and 26 (WETA) with the audio syncing up with the picture. Most of what I read says that the sound is usually before the picture (which is easy to fix with a receiver's sync delay) however with mine, the picture is BEFORE the matching audio. I am using the TV speakers.

I live in an apartment at a university which has comcast cable go directly from the wall to the TV (though somehow it still gets HD pictures from what it is noticing as "air" channels). Another TV in the apartment is a 32" Vizio which has NO problem on the same channels.

My father has a 40" Samsung LCD and has the same problem.

Is this a Samsung problem? What will happen in 2009 when all broadcasts will be digital? Thoughts/Advice please.



Brad Newton

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Aug 14, 2001
I don't think the problem is with the set. Experienced the same problems locally on ota channels. During episodes of Lost, the sync was so bad you could watch the show. Had to change to the analog version, where it was ok.


Dec 4, 2009
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[SIZE= larger]I purchased a Samsung 46 inch series 6 had the same issue with the audio being ahead of the video.

[/SIZE][SIZE= larger]When we plugged the DVD player into the Television via analog component and the audio into the amplifier via analog RCA and monitored using the headphone out on the amp, we had a sync error where the audio was in front of the video. I would say about 50 milliseconds.
Listening to the audio through the TV speakers did not have this problem.

The shop assistant then plugged a DVD player into an amplifier with HDMI.
The amp then plugged into the TV via HDMI.
I monitored the audio at the headphone out on the amp and HEY PRESTO the audio was in sync.
[/SIZE][SIZE= larger]
I suspected the video processing time was at the cause.
Only after setting up the television at home did we end up finding the fault. I suppose you need to trawl through the forums on every item such as this in order to find possible ghosts in the machine BEFORE you purchase.
Simply checking out the manufacturers website and the reviews is definitely not enough anymore in order to have full technical disclosure.

Although HDMI theoretically has a wider frequency bandwidth for both audio and Video perhaps it has also carries sync information kind of like LTC. There is much more to learn about this issue.

Reading through the other forums I found that if you plug your analog video and audio into this TV and connect it to an amp via ita optical Optical out you will still have a video delay.

Surely Samsung could easily release a firmware patch where the optical out is delayed when an analog input is utilised.

Might i suggest your eyes skim over this article..

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