Switching HTIB speakers?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by dkopcso, Mar 11, 2011.

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    So i got the onkyo HTS - 5300 im no audiophile and love the system. One question though - my girl hates the bigger speaker look, so i was wondering can i sub the rear speakers

    SKR -800 130W = max power and 6 (omega i think) imped. for the front ones

    SKF-580 same W adn omega.
    If so will i lose any sound quality.... then i would put new smaller rear speakers in to keep her from hating the look in the living room.

    Basically these speakers seem similar but with different sizes - is that the case or is there a performance deference and how much would it be noticeable.

    thanks for any help

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    Moving from larger speakers to smaller ones you will lose a little bass response. The larger speakers are probably of a little higher quality since the fronts speakers do much more than the smaller surrounds. Not the ideal thing to do but... . Over-all you will be stepping down a bit in sound quality but you might either not notice it too much or you might get used to it over time. Make sure you run the Audyssey feature again as it might need to reset the crossover.

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