Sweeps are a joke

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jake Gove, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. Jake Gove

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    The whole concept of sweeps for TV shows is extremely flawed. Create hyped "event" programming a few times a year and ad rates are based on whatever ratings they can pull in for those few times. Shouldn't the ad rates be based on ratings for an entire season of shows? I can't believe this is the system they use! How stupid are they? It's because of this that NBC is constantly showing repeats during the middle of season. I remember a time when repeats were only shown in the summer.
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    You know what seems to be the definition of a "Sweeps Month/week" these days?
    Reality shows - some kind of sex scandal
    Dramas - A lesbian kiss
    Comedies - back to back episodes, one new show, one rerun.
  3. Chad R

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    Chad Rouch
    I agree. I don't understand why advertisers pay the rates set for a time slot by a one time mini-series. THAT'S the program that created those numbers not the time slot.

    For instance (when it was on) why would advertisers have to pay the ad rates for 'Inside Schwartz' when the ratings set during sweeps were for repeats of 'Friends' which brought in bigger numbers than an original episode of 'Inside Schwartz?'

    If NBC presented me with those numbers when I inquire about purchasing an ad for that time, I'd throw back an offer of half that rate. Or I'd simply collect the ratings for that show in a non sweeps period of original episodes and offer them a rate based on those numbers.

    Until advertisers speak up and say they won't pay according to numbers artificially inflated due to sweeps, I fear sweeps promotions will get bawdier and more profane.

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