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    I am interested in getting this on LD and need clarification on the missing Leia welding portion. I went back and watched this on my VHS -( I know - I'm upgrading[​IMG] ) and this is a crucial scene in the development of the Han and Leia romance. How much of the scene is missing? Just the welding or any dialog? If it is just the welding I can live with it but if any or all of the dialog is out I would make sure I get the corrected version.
    Second question, there is an unopened set for auction on ebay, is there any way to tell if it is corrected or not?
    Would there be a different date or release number etc. indicated on the box set?
    Thanks for any help you can give.
  2. Chad R

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    Chad Rouch
    The whole scene isn't missing, just the initial shot of her welding. The defective disc picks up when she's trying to turn the thingamjig (technical term).

    I don't know how to tell them apart though.
  3. MaxY

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    I think it was just a few seconds and I thought it was only in the intial run of Definitive Collection sets.

  4. alan halvorson

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    The beginning of disc 2, side 1 of The Empire Strikes Back is missing about 11 seconds of Leia welding. After she completes a weld, Han comes by and she calls him a "scoundrel". This part and everything after is intact. Really, if you didn't know what was missing, you could never guess. To the Star Wars completist, however, it's important to own a set containing the corrected disc.

    How to tell if any particular copy has the corrected disc, without viewing it? I wish I could tell you - I don't think there is. One thing - you will pay more for a sealed copy. As an occasional set has been known to rot, I would rather go for an opened copy that has been recently viewed (I have owned four, none with rot). You could also ask the seller if his contains the missing scene. And make certain it has the insert.

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