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SVS Ultra or 16-46 CS+???? (1 Viewer)

Mar 17, 2003
Hi, I recently bagged a Samson S-1000 off Ebay for $200, and am presently pulling the trigger on a 16-46 CS + along with a Marchand Bass Box.

I have been doing much research on SVS products and I am sure that I will be satisfied with this one,

But... (im sure you could see that "but" coming a mile away) I am thinking about the Ultra.

I have a small room, about the size of 13 X 15 X 8., and I want to know if I would be able to notice a quality difference between the 16-46 CS+ and the Ultra?
Are the differences only apparent at very high volumes? Does the Ultra have its own distinct sonic signature even at all volumes?
Im sure some of you have had both a 16-46CS+ and an Ultra at one time, but I would rather have a sub i would rather not feel like upgrading for more than several years, which includes possibly moving it into a larger room. I would like personal opinions on which you preffered overall.
*(I plan to run both models in their native tuning points,) so I am torn between either having the lowest extension possible or one of the biggest baddest drivers arround. In my small room output will never be a problem i know that, thats why I would rather get the lowest extension model i.e. 16-46 CS+, but then theres the Ultra, with its superior driver.
In my small room, what is more noticeable, extension, or the debateable driver quality?, It really is a tough choice. (this choice is only between the Ultra and 16-46 CS+.) And I honestly will say for the most part I will be running it a moderate to high volumes interchangeably.
Also , my speaker setup includes 6 Energy C-3 speakers which sound awesome, (I flipped one upside down on top of my 36 inch TV. I sure cant wait to make it 6.1 ;-)
Any help will be appreciated., Thanks, -Chris-

Gordon Groff

Second Unit
Nov 27, 2002
Hi Chris!
I've never heard a 16, but I LOVES my Ultra(s)! :D

I've found that they do extend down as low as I would want. I got serious output from a 10hz sine wave (that I later found out are very BAD to use except briefly). Most of what you really want to hear is up over 20hz as far as I can tell.

I hope someone who has had both can chime in with their take on it.



Edward J M

Senior HTF Member
Sep 22, 2002
I have heard both the Plus and the Ultra subs. Yes, the Ultra has its own unique sonic signature. It's subtle, but audible, even at lower volumes. Both sound excellent, and anyone could happily live with either. But the Ultra sounds a smidge better, IMO.

The TV-12 driver in the Ultra and SS subwoofers represents the ultimate in design technology that TC-Sounds and SVS currently offer in a woofer. It is considerably more expensive than the still excellent dB-12 Plus driver.

This is a perfect example of the law of diminishing returns: The Plus driver offers about 85% of the performance of the Ultra driver (in terms of SPL capability, power handling, distortion, etc.) for about half the cost.

To some (many) people, having the ultimate woofer SVS offers is worth the considerable expense. Ask Tom Vodhanel what he thinks of the Ultra and he'll tell you "It's worth every penny". But if you place a premium on bang for the buck, the Plus subs are IMO easily the best performance value in the entire line-up.


Mar 17, 2003
Hmmn, I see., Im sure I will be happy with either, but im the kind of guy who loves to know he has the best under the hood ;-), Im sure I can hear any more thoughts? Thanks,

Mitch E S

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 6, 2002
I had a 16-46CS+ and now have dual Ultras. There is very little difference between the two. I doubt that I could tell them apart. I'm sorry that I sold the CS+ and replaced it with the Ultras. I should have just bought another 16-46CS+ and been done. My room is just not that large that it requires the extra output. I have them turned way down. Given your room size I would only get the Ultra if there is no chance that you're going to ever add a second sub. If you might someday add a second get the 16-46CS+ (heck you have the extra channel of amplification) and one will be plenty for now.



Second Unit
Dec 10, 2001
I have a dual 20-39cs+ setup and I they are great IMO. I have played with the port plugs and I always end up going back to the "stock" tune as they play plenty low enough for about 98% of the films out there. I prefer the punchier bass from the stock tune over the more lush bass of the 16hz tune. I would go with a 20-39cs+ as they represent the best of both worlds. Keep in mind that I have never heard an Ultra but I'm into bang for the buck! 85-90% for half the price is pretty good bang for the buck IMO. In your room I would imagine a single 20-39cs+ with the stock tune would have no problem extending down to the 16-17hz range with in room gain! Good luck with your decision!:emoji_thumbsup:

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