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    Mar 4, 2001
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    This is my first post to this forum. I wanted to share with your members a recent experience I had with SVS Subwoofers.
    I have an old Carver M500 amp that has been gathering dust, and I figured that tying it into a large sub woofer would be a good way to get it back into service. Based on all the good feedback I've seen here, I ordered an SVS 16-46 model.
    To make a long story short, Fed Ex took eight days to move it from the SVS plant in Austintown, Ohio to my home near Cleveland. The shipping box looked like it had been on an around the world cruise. Fed Ex mumbled something about a zip code scanning error. Who knows where this poor thing went.
    I took a lot of comfort in the double boxing, and many yards of bubble wrapping. After I powered up the sub, I was really dis-appointed in the sound quality. The sub showed many holes in the Avia low freq sweeps, and the cabinet rattled at high volume levels.
    It wasn't until a couple of days later that I noticed the sub was sitting at about a 10 degree list. I turned the sub over and discovered ths Fed Ex must have pitched this thing off the tailgate of a moving truck. They had managed to drive one of the three lower support legs up through the lower MDF support panel.
    On Sunday I sat down and Composed a long "nasty-gram" to SVS. I mentally prepared myself for an upcoming week of shipping hassles. Much to my suprise, I soon received a nice reply from Ron, and he followed up with a phone call to see if there was anything he could do. He volunteered that since I didn't live too far away, that maybe he could arrange with the plant to drop off a new unit. Later that evening Tom called (still Sunday!) and arranged for a delivery the next day.
    Joe and a co-worker arrive Monday evening with the new sub. He told me that he had personally built the sub that morning and tested it three times to make sure it was perfect! They stayed long enough to make sure it was working ok. What a difference! The new one is much smoother and more robust.
    We did confirm that my large basement probably requires a second sub to get to the heart stopping base levels that I was hoping for. We also found out that the Carver will drive the sub into limit. When you hear a loud popping noise that sounds like gunfire, you know you've gone too far.
    Many thanks to SVS for restoring my faith in the e-commerce system. Even my wife was impressed, and wishes them well. I'm sure that can't deliver this level of service to everyone, but I'll bet they will try.
    As for me, I'm going to start saving up for that second 16-46.
    Regards, Ray
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    Glad things worked out for you. I am surprised you wrote a "nasty-gram" to SVS though. It should have been FedEx that received that. IMHO all SVS should have received was a polite email asking them how to rectify the problem as the damage was out of their control.
  3. Tom Vodhanel

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    Actually, the *gram* wasnt very *nasty* at all.
    Ray was (quite understandably)upset with both the delivery timeframe and the poor performance of his SVS woof. Once he found out it was terminally damaged(the bottom 1" thick(!) endcap was compromised and the driver was basically hanging by 3-4 screws!)...he had every right to expect svs to treat him like he was the most important customer we ever had.
    I think he was worried we'd take a few days trying to get fedex to reimburse him for the damage, and then he could simply order a new subwoofer from us.(and then wait ANOTHER 8 days for it to be delivered...? [​IMG])
    Having SVS hand delivered a brand new subwoofer within 24 hours, driving through a winter storm warning to get there...just par for the course. We may end up "eating" the fedex stuff, but that's NOT something the customer should have to worry about.
    Ray, whenever you're ready for that second 16-46...make sure you let me know. The 2 SVS employess that delivered your new subwoofer couldn't stop talking about your "HUGE" projection screen. They'll be glad to hand deliver your next unit too,as long as you give them the same type of cool demos you did last time... [​IMG]

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