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SVS Speakers replaced by Klipsch Speakers

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Robert Crawford, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. JohnRice

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    I wouldn't mind trying some degree of Atmos in my living room system, but there's a whole variety of obstacles. Vaulted ceiling, so reflecting speakers aren't a good option. In-ceiling isn't viable either, since there's no attic in that part of the house. Finally, there's a ceiling fan that basically can't be avoided in the way of anywhere a forward left speaker would be, and it runs 24/7, and I'm not turning it off. If a speaker was behind it, I can't imagine that would ever sound good. My only option for front Atmos speakers is really just height ones as high on the wall as I can do.

    I have much better options for rear Atmos where, despite the vaulted ceiling, reflecting speakers might work fairly well, since there's a shelf along that entire wall about 9' off the ground. The viewing position is against the wall, so there's no place to put rear speakers. That system could be 5.1.4 then. It has ELAC Debut v.2 speakers, and I already have a pair of Debut reflecting speakers (temporarily) doing front Atmos in my HT. So those can move to the living room, and some OW4.2 could go on the front wall. With all the times I've criticized people for using height speakers, thinking that was a proper way to implement Atmos, there's just no viable alternative for the front in that room.

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