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SVS response to a 20-39 PC+ problem (1 Viewer)

Brandon H

Aug 21, 2002
I developed a rattling / buzzing noise in my 20-39 PC+. I emailed SVS late last Sunday night about the problem. I had an initial response Monday morning, and traded a few messages to clarify the problem, which they felt was with the driver. They offered for me either to ship the sub to them, or for them to ship a new driver to me to install myself, after emailing instructions to me to assess difficulty of doing so.

I chose to have them ship the driver to me. They promptly let me know it would be shipped within 24 hours. I received it Friday, and replaced the driver without incident. Problem solved.

That is how all companies should behave. What a more pleasant world it would be. I was already pleased with this firm, now I am a loyal fan. Their only concern was my continued satisfaction as their customer. If you have been concerned about ordering from this internet only company, I just wanted to share my personal experience. I doubt if any brick and mortar could do better.

Oh yes, a personal thank you to Tom, who responded to my needs so well.


May 5, 2002
Same thing happened to me. I thought I had a bad driver and I asked them if I could take a look inside. Took a look inside and found out that they use a felt piece to prevent the sub from slapping against the wires. That piece was a little loose. Glued it back on a good to go.
Of course SVS was willing to do the same...ship a replacement driver or I could ship the sub back. They said they would do anything to help resolve this issue.
A++++++ customer service.
Best internet service I ever had....now why can't more companies be like this
accessories4less comes in second....:b

steve nn

Senior HTF Member
Jan 12, 2002
You will see the SVS drivers under there Parts/accessories section. These drivers are available for past SVS costumers.
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"Best Internet service I have ever had...now why cant more companies be like this?"_________Thats a good question Chad and I cant even come close to comprehending why not. It's so simple and basic but O how important.... How is your new PB1-ISD doing for you Chad. Still rock-in?

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