svs question: pb1+ vs 20-39pc+ vs 25-32pc+

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Lito, Mar 20, 2004.

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    how do these three subs compare??

    my dad's doing a major reconfiguration of his family room to accomodate
    at front projector setup. unforunately, the family room, kitchen, dining room
    and living room all flow together in an open floor plan.

    and the corner where i'd think of putting a sub for reinforcement is occupied
    by a fireplace. he's also got a height limitation of ~ 40" (can't have the
    sub intrude up into the picture.)

    the area that would be considered the family room is nominally
    15'W x 22'D x 10'H but extends back into the kitchen another 15'
    and 10' to the right at the rear half, so 3300^3 ft for the primary area
    and ~ 7500 ft^3 for the total.

    i'm pretty familar with the 16-46pc+ but operate it in a much smaller
    space (~2500 ft^3) and have even used in tight 1400 ft^3 room
    (talk about low frequency slam!!)

    any comments about the tradeoffs between the box sub and the cylinders would be appreciated.

    (the pb2+ was been nixed since it's big enough that it would potentially obstruct the fireplace access)
  2. Craig Chase

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    It sounds like your Dad wants an easy to place, high output sub without a lot of fuss.

    I have run a single 25-31 pc plus in a 5700^3 foot room with a 42 inch opening into another 6000 Plus ^3 foot Kitchen, and it, in the 25 Hz mode, shakes the room, sounds great, and is only 31 inches tall.

    He will not lack for bass OR SQ with this choice...

    As always, contact SVS... they will also give great info
  3. Paul_J_D

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    Jun 22, 2003
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    I have the PB1+. I had a few emails with Tom V. at SVS about the difference between it and the PC 25 - 31+. They both share the same driver, amplifier, and extension settings. With the PB1+ you get the gorgeous furniture grade finish and the parametric equalizer which can help tame a "hump" in response. By the way, my SVS PB1+ in the 25 hz tune plays strong to 20 hz with the help of a little room gain (- 2 db at 20 hz from initial 85 db calibration). Very nice surprise for me indeed. As many have said before, SVS subs are rated conservatively.

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