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SVS Proudly Announces Direct Availability in Canada

Girard, OH - October 30, 2014 - SVS, a worldwide leader in high performance home audio products, is proud to announce the direct availability of its speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories to Canadian residents, via www.svsound.com. Customers will also be covered by consumer protection policies never before seen in Canada as part of the SVS customer Bill of Rights.
Originally brought to market as an online direct brand, SVS established the Bill of Rights to provide a framework for delivering unparalleled technical and sales support and to ensure customers have every opportunity to validate the performance of SVS products. Canadians can now enjoy a 45-day in-home audition period, a 5-year unconditional warranty and a one-year trade-up policy on all products, in addition to other "rights". SVS also provides free shipping to most of Canada and a special subsidized rate for those regions where delivery rates prevent free shipping.

"Canada has a vibrant and knowledgeable high performance audio market, so we're excited to deliver the full SVS experience, and all of its benefits," said Gary Yacoubian, president and CEO of SVS. "No audio company has ever offered the level of consumer protection policies that SVS promises, so this move is a real win for Canadians who want a world class audio experience without breaking the bank."

The Canada direct announcement comes on the heels of SVS launching its new Prime Series family of speakers. The Prime Series is designed to bring the enjoyment of high performance audio to an ever-broader audience at a price that defies convention. This same principle applies to all SVS products, including the flagship Ultra Speaker family, and the company's complete line of cylinder, ported and sealed subwoofers, as well as the SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System and SoundPath RCA Cables.

SVS products are sold internationally, both direct and at retail, depending on regional preferences. The company's hybrid go-to market approach and unilateral resale policy have proven to be a profitable model that helps raise the average selling price of audio products for dealers with real margins backed by expert service, when it's needed.

For more information, please visit www.svsound.com or like them on Facebook or on Twitter @SVS_sound.

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