SVS PB2-ISD vs PB2-plus

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Paul_Ptaaty, Oct 22, 2003.

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    Oct 16, 2003
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    Ok, what did my extra $300 ($350 with shipping) buy me?

    I have a PB2-plus on order to replace my PC+ (not that I need to!)

    What exactly does the extra $$ buy? I am hoping and surmising from what I can pick up it will be about 2-3dB extra for max SPL and ability to play lower with more power. Is this about right? There is extra power, better drivers and bigger ports. From their PR message it looks like the PB2-ISD is only a couple dB (2-3?) less max output than the PB2-plus above 25 Hz, but when pushed hard at 20Hz and below the difference is larger?

    Just curious, I don't see many comparisons between the ISD and plus versions. I just went for the never upgrade again plus option....
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    Jan 28, 2003
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    A few trips to home depot and lots of experience with fixing cracks in wall and ceilings.

    If I can recommend something, do not visit this forum again until you experience the PB2+. Then come back and tell us.

    I went from 2 PC+2039s to 2 PB2+. From my experience the PB2+ is a more sub in many aspects. first the look and weight, 2 person lift is required.

    The sound, well its the same sound as the PC+ but with a lot more authority and power. though initially tuned to 25hz, tuning the PB2+ to 20hz you will quicly enjoy the extra headroom. Having 2 PB+ I run 3 ports open with the sub sonic filter set to 16hz. SVS does not recommend this. has a discussion on this you can do a search on 3/16 and it will take to the discussion.

    The added headroom will be noticed but the lower volumes the bass will be more present. Also you should notice the PB2+ will play with the attitude of "thats all you got?".

    you made a great choice and you will not be disappointed in the decision.



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