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SVS PB12+ vs my cat (1 Viewer)


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Aug 19, 2004
I am posting my story of HT success despite a pair of overly active cats in hope that it will come in handy to someone out there:

I was nervous before shelling out a bunch of money on a sub that my cats might destroy it. They get into everything imaginable, and despite all sorts of different attempts with water guns, glass jars of pennies, etc, they continue to contently scratch furniture, jump up on tables, eat my plants, and all the other assorted bad things that bad cats do. Most frightening is the tendency one of my cats has to roll over on his back near the edge of my sofa, and claw the underbelly while pulling himself along... I pictured him reaching into where the driver is on a down-firing sub and shredding it (any front firing sub was simply out of the question to begin with.)

But I got my sub anyway. And I love it... LOVE IT! But while this post could easily derail into another SVS-lovefest, I'm going to reign it in and get back on track. The cats were curious about this beautiful large, deep-red, mahogany box of thunder right from the start. Interestingly enough, the more I pumped up the bass, the more curious they got: poking around, rubbing up against it, even as the room shook from that famous ring-drop.

After I cranked through the 3 extended edition LotR's, and loved every room quaking minute, I decided to see what this thing could do. That's right... I'm talking depth charges. I threw in U-571, removed one of my foam port blockers, and cranked up the gain. The cats were immediately drawn to it. They bolted straight for it and began poking around. I tried pausing it, turning the volume up, and suddenly hitting play to scare them away... it did nothing. In fact, one became instantly determined to find out what was going on under there and stuck his head right between the integrated bass plate and the main body of the sub. I panicked, grabbed the cat as he was about to reach in, and pulled him out. Clearly, I was going to have to do something to protect my sub.

Luckily, I had some extra lengths of doublesided tape that I've used to try to protect my sofa. It comes in strips that are about 2x12 inches, and are clear. I've found them relatively ineffective protecting my sofa, as it a) makes the sofa ugly as the transparent tape is quite apparent on the sofa's upholstery, and b) only protected the 2x12 strip it covered while the cats scratched around it.

But because I merely had to stop the cat from trying to reach past the border of the subs underbelly, this seemed like it might work. So I took 6 strips, and placed 3 on each of the front sides of the integrated bass plate, and 3 along the edge directly above. It's invisible to the casual observer, and because it is not directly below the driver, it does not impact the quality of the bass produced in the slightest. The next time the cats got curious (let's face it, depth charge scenes rock) they encountered an uncomfortable shield stickiness.

It worked like a charm!

I would like to point out that I have made a personal decision not to declaw my cats. I do not like the idea and will not do it, however I respect the rights of other cat owners to do this if they wish. I ask that you please show me the same respect and refrain from posting any replies that suggest I should have declawed them in the first place, lock them out of my home, or make any other suggestions as to how I treat my cats.

I apologize for the lengthy post, again, I hope this helps someone out there.


Parker Clack

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Jun 30, 1997
Kansas City, MO
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You obviously love your cats a great deal. My dog went running out of the room the first time I played the THX Big Note and even barked at my sub when I played U-571. Because of the fact that it scares my daughter and dog I only use the sub when they aren't home.

I am glad that you have found a happy medium between enjoying great bass and taking care of the kids at the same time.

Enjoy your bass. You will never return to a system without a subwoofer again.

Thomas Nichols

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Nov 27, 1999

That is a great story. I have two cats who are hell on everything as well. My story is a bit different. I have had cats before and have always been able to deflect their scratching 'needs'. Posts and other measures have always helped. With my two boys now, they were scratching hellions. Nothing worked. I tried it all. The boys HATED softpaws. HATED. They made it their mission to get those things off. With a heavy heart I decided that I had to get them declawed. They now no longer wreck my stuff, they just F with everything. These have to be the most inquisitive cats ever. I still feel bad about the whole declawing thing, but it was the only option (in my opinion) I had left. I am glad your story had a happy ending.



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Nov 17, 2001
Great story! My cat likes to chew everything. He's as bad as a dog. When we try the 2 sided tape solution he just finds an edge and starts chewing. Hopefully yours won't learn that. :)

Leo Kerr

May 10, 1999
Cats get attracted by the strangest things... newspapers on the floor don't count. But creamed brussel sprouts? Popeye's Spicy chicken? Jiffy(tm) Cornbread?

Why not subwoofers?

Or are they showing class, and aren't attracted by, say, Bose Bump Boxes? :D

Leo Kerr


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Dec 11, 2001
My cats were pretty curious about my PB12-Plus/2 when it showed up. They were looking under it and poking their heads into the ports since I have it positioned with the ports not toward the wall. That is until I cued up the Darla scene from Nemo at near reference. The one had her head nearly all the way into the port at the time. Strangely enough they are not very interested in it anymore. I can't understand why.:D :confused:


Ralph B

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Apr 27, 2003
dont worry about animals! I won 2 cats and was worried. Ron told me they wont bother it once they hear it.

I have a 25_31PC+ and once my cats heard it they ran. they have torn up everything in the house but my sub. they wont go near it and have never jumped on it or scratched at it.

but they must not like it cause the bettercables sub cable i bought from SVS and the electric cable going to it got chewed up by one of my cats and I had to replace them both. but they didnt touch the sub. so now I disconnect the power cable and sub cable and hang the sub cable high out of the way. they sure must have not liked the svs for them to eat the cables! but to affraid to scratch the sub. hahahahaha :)

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