SVS or Klipsch RSW-15?

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    Does anyone know how a pair of klipsch rsw 15 subs would compare to a pair of svs-cs ultras? I read a review at the svs site and a comparison was given between the two, but they compared a pair svs's to only one rsw-15. I own an rsw and it kicks some serious ass, but I'm still looking for some louder, lower bass and am wondering if I should sell the sub I have and buy a pair of svs's or keep the rsw and buy another one. Any help here would be greatly appreciated, especially if you've had experience with these two brands.

    Dan M.


    Also, I would want to use the Crown K1 amp with the svs subs.
  2. Dustin B

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    Mar 10, 2001
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    If you want some serious clean output abilities, will tough to beat this thing. Will have similar extension to an RSW (not like an Ultra though). But the levels it will be capable of are silly.
    Another cool solution for lots of bass is the infinite baffle. Note the FAQ and pics of installs at the top.
    Adding a second RSW15 will give you an addition 6dB of headroom over a single RSW15 (if you place them as close together as possible to get maximum coupling).
  3. Edward J M

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    I'm assuming you were referring to the Weatherhead review.

    In his test room, twin SVS Ultras hit 118 dB at 30 Hz. A single RSW-15 hit 110 dB at 30 Hz. A second stacked RSW-15 would get you 116 dB at 30 Hz in the same room. The Twin Ultra package is still ahead by 2 dB at 30 Hz.

    You stated you wanted both louder AND lower:

    In the same test, the twin SVS Ultras hit 110 dB at 20 Hz. The single RSW-15 hit 93 dB at 20 Hz. A second stacked RSW-15 would get you 99 dB at 20 Hz. The Twin SVS Ultra package would be up a staggering 11 dB at 20 Hz over twin RSW-15's.

    Also - as advertised - the SVS Ultra has an F3 of about 16 Hz, as compared to the average volume between 40-100 Hz. In comparison, the RSW-15 has an F3 of about 27 Hz as compared to the average volume between 40-100 Hz.

    What this boils down to is twin SVS Ultra's will beat twin Klipsch RSW-15's in maximum output at any frequency, and below 30 Hz it quickly becomes a downright massacre.

    Considering twin RSW-15's will run you around $2,400 real world, and twin SVS Ultra's with the Samson S1000 amp and Better Cables interconnect costs $2,100 - the choice should be clear between these two models.

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    Nov 4, 2002
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    Judging by the review date, those Ultras may not have had the newest driver installed which is suppose to give a single ULtra 1 - 1.5 db increase.

    In looking at the graphs if you subtract the 5-6 db advantage having dual Ultras gives then add back 1 - 1.5 db that the new driver gives, a single Ultra holds its own pretty well in the test. (Eyeballing the graphs)From 50 -80 Hz a single Ultra would hold it's own against most of the subs. From Below 50 to 16 Hz it begins to widen the margin quite a bit.

    If you are happy with the one Klipsch Sub, adding a second Sub looks like it would meet or exceed the two Ultras in this test down to around the 30 -35 hz range.

    Even though would have some roll-off below 30 hz you may could equalize the frequencny curve to get sub 30 hz frequencies more in line with the 35 - 80 hz range.

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