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  1. Scott MacKay

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    Jan 26, 2003
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    Starting last weekend, I am replacing all the carpet in my living room with tile. At this point, I am going to put the sub back in its original spot.

    What kind of difference will tile have on the sound? Any concerns about poor sound? I saved a piece of carpet to put under the sub to keep it from dancing around (if necessary). Will that have any affect? If it makes any difference, I have a 20-39pc+ in a 17x18 room with one large opening to the kitchen and two small openings to hallway/entryway. Thanks

  2. Edward J M

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    Sep 22, 2002
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    I don't see much of an issue with sound quality. The woofer fires off a hard baseplate, and carpets were never much good at absorbing deep bass waves anyway.

    If you find the sub dances around a bit at very high playback levels on the tile floor, and you don't like the look of carpet beneath it, SVS has the solution in the form of 3M polyurethane "feet" that are taller, stickier, and more flexible than the stockers. They give the baseplate a slightly "squishy" feel, and they stick to the floor like glue and keep the sub firmly planted and prevent the baseplate from vibrating against the floor. Money well spent if you are dealing with a hard, smooth surface. Buy them directly from SVS, or from Parts Express. SVS can provide you with the exact part number.

    Aside from that, I'd be more concerned with what will undoubtedly be much livelier mid/treble acoustics in the room after the carpeting is pulled. Tile DOES reflect higher frequencies very well and you may find the room too "bright" unless you use some throw rugs in strategic locations and have a bunch or upholstered furniture.
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    As Edward noted...little problems with the woof, but the rest of the spectrum might suffer more. With a piece of carpet under the subwoofer you should run into any problems though.

    Tom V.

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