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    My norh 4.0 ceramic video package is coming next week and I need to get a sub. I have decided I want to go with either the 20-39CS or the 25-21CS. My problem is that I live in a small studio about 16x10 for the main room which has a large opening to another 120 sq ft. I will be listening to movies at a moderate volume,nothing loud enough to get me evicted. I was also looking at the plate subs from parts express and was thinking of getting either the #300-793 250W sub or the #300-792 120W sub or the #300-794 250W sub. So these are my questions

    1. Which sub should I get. I'm not really concerened with something super loud, just something that goes deep and is tight.

    2. Is there any difference between the #300-794 and the #300-793 other than the remote?

    3. Can anyone recommend better amps in the same price range?

    4. What should I do about the bass boost, should I make the modification to set the boost to 0?

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    You are right about needing a sub, those are great speakers but BEG for a sub to match.

    If cost is not the deciding factor I'd spring for the 20-39CS. The 25-31 is no slouch, but more and more I appreciate that deeper bass rules.

    As for the amp, those Parts Express amps are hard to beat for budget power. Though the $80 KLH receivers from Best Buy (over 100watts x 2 into our 4 ohm subs) are viable too. No need to even make a box for the KLH, nor defeat a bass boost (since there is none... you DO need to defeat it on the PE amp, the SVS's just work better with none). If you are using a Dolby Digital receiver for bass management then you don't need any of the features on the PE amps anyway. Auto on is nice, but you can live without that. Just leave the sub/receiver on all the time if it's trouble to turn it on.

    And if you ever need more sub power, you can just add a second SVS!


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