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Mar 29, 2003
Well, I had to take a moment and express a thank you to EVERYONE in this forum and the fantastic people at SVS. I'll be brief as possible here. I have always considered myself rather hard to please when it came to sound. So it is very strange but I thought I would upgrade my system. Guess what.... I bought a BOSE Lifestyle 50 :b Ok, I can hear you guys laughing. Well I listened to it at home ( I live in the sticks and couldn't demo this particular system). 2 Weeks later I returned it. I felt I was missing some frequencies. I came to THIS forum, found other people politely reaffirming what I suspected with regards to Bose. So, I have finally put together a nice system. I then wanted a subwoofer. I was thinging about the velodyne hgs series 2. I read about this company I never heard of....SVS. I thought geez buying without hearing???? Am I crazy?? I decided I already had evidence of my insanity via my Bose system. So I contacted them. The emailed back FAST. They even asked for a diagram of my room, square footage, listening habits, and more. They recommended a sub a pc25-31plus (ever heard of it? hehe) anyway, I bought it. It arrived PERFECTLY packed and fast. I installed it and guess what? I had a problem with it. Now to me its easy to have a good rep when things go smooth but a real test is when you have a problem.
Well, SVS came through for me in a BIG way. I can not say enough about this company. In fact, the replacement is on its way, I will receive it on Friday. Regardless of the ultimate outcome. This service to me, is just fantastic. It is because of this that there will be atleast 2 more svs subs in my family as my family now wants to upgrade and they are going to buy from SVS. How do I know because they want me to help them.

I would have never found this GREAT company if it hadn't been for the great people of this forum.

Oh, and how does the sub perform aside from the problem?? Well, my neighbors already have a for sale sign in their yard. Coincidence??:D

Anyway, I REALLY felt compelled to thank you guys.

John Dunlap

Stunt Coordinator
May 8, 2002
Having just received a 2039PC Plus a couple of weeks ago I can totally appreciate what you're saying. I think these guys are fantastic as far as Customer Service. And having such an incredible product doesn't hurt either.

After owning an SVS product you can't help but wonder why every HT enthusiast doesn't own one!:)

John Dunlap

Stunt Coordinator
May 8, 2002
"because I can build a better one"


I don't doubt it. And I'm envious of all you DIY guys. I wish I was confident enough to go that route. But for the rest of us, it's hard to beat the product, price and service of SVS.



Geoff L

Dec 9, 2000
Real Name
Very true for some of us Craig, but others may prefer not to hire out or DIY build for what ever their reason.

I totally understand both side of the fence! ;)
I was on the buying side of sub products "before" the world of Sub DIY. No question, your dollar will go much farther building a Sub "when designed and built properly"....

SVS offers what so many want, a fantastic Bass performing product line at a excellent cost to performance ratio. Then cap it off with the much harder to find and so very important, high speed Customer Service.
The CS comes Before, During, and After the sale as Aaron and so many others have found out.
SVS dose deserve a thumbs up IMHO for their high quailty Sub products and proven excellent customer severice! :emoji_thumbsup:

Glad to see it has all come together for you, and yes, this forum is so very helpfull for the constant growing world of new HT'ers.
Nice people here always looking to help others, a seemingly harder thing to find in this day and age....;)

Keep the earthquake going!

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