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SVS 39 vs 46 - Anyone heard side by side? (1 Viewer)


Nov 25, 2000
I have a couple of CS+ on order. Problem is, after going through all the research on all the forums, corresponding with Ron and Tom, even having owned a pair of CS's, I placed my order...then doubts started to creep in about whether I have made the correct choice. This upgrade, for me, is for the long term -- I want to feel sure I have chosen correctly. It's just very difficult to know without actually hearing them. FYI, I ordered the size I didn't own previously.

You all know the dilemma -- we want it all. When I think the 39s are the right choice for the extra kick, I can't help thinking about those low frequencies. When I think that maybe the 46s will offer the best of both worlds, I wonder if the extra SPL of the 39s would really make the difference most of the time. I think I'm on the right track...I just want more confirmation.

Would those of you fortunate enough to have heard 20-39s and 16-46s in a side-by-side situation please comment on the differences you heard? In real life, is the extra headroom of the 39s noticeable? If so, how noticeable? Or, does the extra low reach of the 46 add something significant? Are the differences dramatic or subtle -- IOW, if a 39 offers a couple of db more, how different does that really sound at high volume? Are the differences noticeable most of the time or just on a very small percentage of program material? Is this a major decision or not?

My use is heavily weighted to HT. I really want that PUNCH but, on the other hand, I don't want to miss out on the low freq effects like in Phantom Menace, especially if that's the direction DVDs are taking. What to do?

Sure I'd love to have the SS -- that driver looks incredible -- but it's out of my league. I'd probably go for the Ultra, but the CS+ makes more realistic economic sense for me with the returning customer discount. So in real life, whadaya think -- twin 20-39+ or twin 16-46+?

Tough problem huh? I wish all of my life problems were like this!

Thanks for your opinion!

Jeff Savage

Second Unit
Aug 21, 2001
John -
I can't answer your question but I would love to hear you system when they come in :)

Jason Price

Second Unit
Sep 16, 1998
Keep in mind that with the CS+ models, you can plug ports to increase the extension. Here's an excerpt from an email conversation I had with Tom about this:

20hz...a dB or so. You'll have to try both ways and figure out what sounds

best to you in your room.

I believe Tom has also mentioned that by plugging 2 ports, you would get down into the single digits.

Personally, I went with the 20-39CS+, which I feel will allow me the best of both worlds and give me the opportunity to choose extension vs output by using port plugs.


Stunt Coordinator
Jul 15, 2000
What is the difference between a 20-39 with one port plugged and a 16-46??


Dustin B

Senior HTF Member
Mar 10, 2001
The plugged 20-39 will have less port area. When you get down towards the tuning frequency of the ports a lot more air starts to move through them. So it becomes a flow rate problem.

Take water in a hose for example, the water doesn't have to be moving very fast for a lot of it to come out of a fat hose. But the skinnier the hose gets the faster the water has to move to get the same volume out.

The skinner a port gets the faster the air gets pushed through it. If the air starts moving to fast you begin to hear it (port noise). Two ports are a skinner pipe than 3 ports. So port noise will arise on the plugged 20-39 before it will on the normal 16-46.


Stunt Coordinator
Dec 5, 2001
Do you get the port plug when you buy them or you have to buy separately? How much is it?


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