SVS 25-31 PCPlus arriving soon

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Jim View, Dec 27, 2005.

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    Dec 27, 2005
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    Hello nice to be here, while new here at your place, Im all over the net as twochannelsonly and if you live in STL MO you've most likely heard my mouth at one of the Hi Fi shops, shows, events or maybe I even worked for you back in the 80's & early 90's doing custom install work.

    Now to the point, when I research I do it as overkill as most good audiophiles would.

    Magnaplaner 1.5's(updated at Factory in late 2004)Adcom GFP-345 pre,GCD-750 CD,ACE 515 AC,Carver TX11 Tuner,MH MMF-5 LP(needs wrk), Carver TFM42 amp, and almost 2000 CD(music is the most important part here,right?)
    SUB's used and/or still have (*)
    *Energy XL-s12 (newest)
    *HSU VT2
    *JBL PB12
    Velodyne CT12
    Klipch KSW-12
    NHT-Sub One with 250w amp

    All about $300 to $600 to BLEND any of these seamlessly with a Maggy must be the BIGGEST pain in the @$$ there ever was.

    The ROOM, Picture a Long letter "T" with a short leg
    Area 17' X 23'(my zone) ,The last 10" open at the opposite ends of the basement with almost 2 identical 14 X 23ft area's, separated by only a wall of Hippy beads , 20 lb padding under very tight weaved 1/2in carpet,(you could put 2 bowling lanes down here at 69 foot long.
    Ive been thinking a new sub since the thanksgiving holidays and had the wife OK with the idea to spend $500

    Im ONLY interested in music and could care less about movies these days. My Desk and Computer sits directly across from the Hi-Fi, with 20 in TV's in each corner(makes enhanced TV during football awesome)

    A friend brings over this unknown(older and abused(trashy looking)) SVS passive sub and a older Carver AV-64 that he just bridged 2 of the 5 channels and made a 180 watt channel with a built in 80HZ Xover. For the 3 hours Harlan was hear that was the best my system ever sounded Musically and after reading all the reviews,joining all these message boards and then ... ... ...picking up the phone and speaking to Eric, I wound up ordering the 25-31PCPlus for $801.12 shipped to the house(man my old lady will be pissed at my slight over site of the price...?...I'll play allot of things she likes,that might help[little emoticon with praying hands]) So you can see from the list of Subs Im going to be a little harder with my judgements since it is about $200 over any of the others.
    Just to note all those subs are OK, I never once said that stinks take it back right now, its just with every one of those on a system that is as point source and clear as this... is they all sound a little slow, now they all sound fantastic on the boombox upstairs in the livingroom with the detachable speakers and that HSU is the best of all of the ones listed as far as LOW and does pretty good with the maggies for the most part.

    I look like the King from the Burger King commercials when Im happy.

    You know one thing I don't hear much discussion on is the RHYTHM of a subwoofer, That JBL will sure make you tap your foot allot during old rock songs, Like the Maggies for example some people like that point source effect on rhythm and some don't...we can work err...discuss that another time...LOL

    So after all the internet reading and all of the talk about the SVS subs I'll know very soon the truth and will report my findings back soon, should arrive Friday or Tuesday.

    Thanks for reading everyone, hope to make a few more friends over here.

    Jim Ashby
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    Sep 15, 2002
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    Hey, nice speakers bro....c'mon over to the 'Maggie Update' thread and chime in sometime....we'd love to hear your take on your Maggies [​IMG]
  3. Alan Pummill

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    Jul 6, 1999
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    Nice system!! As Alan Z said, check out our Maggie Update thread!!

    Now as for your SVS sub. Well this is my experience. I had an all maggie HT with a SVS PC-Ultra as the sub. The Ultra is one fantastic sub....but it can't keep up musically with the maggies, IMHO. I now have 2 systems, my HT is B&W/SVS. My 2 channel system is my maggie 1.6's and a Martin Logan Depth sub. The ML is far and away a more musical and more accurate sub FOR MUSIC. I'll keep my Ultra for the kicks arse!! Just my experience!!

    Good Luck, and join us in the maggie thread!!

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