SVS 20-39PC amplifier - need advice

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Cameron Yee, Dec 17, 2002.

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    Cameron Yee
    I just got a 20-39PC second hand and I've run into some slight problems. Out of the box it worked great but the next time I used it the volume control was having problems and overall output was weak. So I decided to check it out myself and took the amp out. I noticed a terminal clip kind of off kilter so I pushed it back in snugly. The sub's output was back up but after some use I noticed a bit of rattling and "burbling" air during heavy LFE passages, which I determined to be some of the screws being loose (maybe I forgot to tighten one or two of them) and thus leaking air from the amp opening. Things became frustrating when I decided to ensure a snug fit and tightened down the screws - I don't think overtightened. Ultimately I discovered that one screw, if tightened too much (not even snugly) would for some reason cut down the output. After some thought I think the reason may be from uneven pressure placed on the amp plate, which results in a shift of the circuit board connections. Anyone else have any ideas?

    I'm a little concerned as the problem took awhile to figure out and let's just say the amp is not secured with as many screws as before due to stripped out holes in the box! Has my sub been compromised?
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    Hi Cameron,
    Sorry to hear about this problem. Instead of us spending days doing detective work that might ultimately still lead us to *guesses* about your about just shipping the unit to SVS for inspection? You pay shipping to us, we'll pay shipping back to you [​IMG]
    This way we can really give the entire unit the *once over* and make sure the amp,amp mount,driver,ect are all within spec. Do you have decent boxing to ship the unit to SVS? It is anyones guess how the package might get treated this time of the year(UPS hires a LOT of temp workers for xmas). We will replace the amp mounting assembly and repair/replace the amp for no charge...and we can probably cut you a great deal if you decide to upgrade to the newer *ISD* driver while the driver is at SVS. Please email me at
    [email protected]
    To discuss this further,
    Tom V.
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    WOW Cameron!!!!That sound like a pretty sweet deal to me! Maybe a early Christmas present from Tom??? Another example of SVS customer service at it's best! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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