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SVS 16-46 CS PLUS and Sampson 1000 amp (1 Viewer)


Second Unit
Feb 1, 2002
Why wait 10 to 15 business days? Why pay the full retail price of $1,025? I have this SVS sub in near mint condition hardly used, never bottomed out, for the low low price of $750 with the Sampson Amp. This amp is 500 watts X 2. This is a great package price that I am selling because I am flat broke. I really prefer a local pickup, I live in Queens Village New York. But if I have to ship I will. I have the original box for the sampson, but the sub box was in the garage. It got wet and damaged. Here is the specs from the websight:

As low as bass goes. More restrained in total sound pressure levels than its smaller siblings, so a pair of these ultra-low bass performers are recommended for large rooms or those wanting maximum impact at maximum levels. We know of no subwoofer tuned to give you deeper bass than this. This is bass you need to feel to believe.

Power handling, 500 watts RMS. 4 Ohm load.
16 Hz tuning point
+/- 3 dB 16 Hz-100 Hz
46" tall, 16" in diameter

BACKORDER: New Orders Shipping in 10-15 business day

16-46CS+ (Sub Only)

16-46CS+ Subwoofer


16-46CS+ with Amp

16-46CS+ Subwoofer
Samson 1000 Watt Amp
Pro-Grade Interconnect


Proprietary US-made TC Sounds 12" super high output driver

Computer Assisted Design (CAD) cylindrical enclosure

Exclusive SVS down-firing woofer with integrated base-plate

Compliant disk floor mounts, low center of gravity

"Tri-Power" 3" High-flow ports with custom port tuning block

Resonance free, protective top port grill with integral damping

16" ultra high-strength precision cut, polymer wrapped, enclosure tubing

CNC'd and cold black polymer laminated, 1.5" birch end-caps

14 gauge, oxygen-free copper wiring

Gold plated brass, heavy duty binding posts

Architectural-grade black fabric exterior

I hate to part with this thing as I feel it has made the biggest improvement to my system.


Second Unit
Feb 1, 2002
I bought new packaging from SVS, so I am able to ship anywhere. Shipping is about $120 to California, help me pay my rent boys.

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