Survivor : One World (season 24)

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    The other factor is that they probably have more data as to the long-term affects of malnutrition and other nasty bug-bites-related issues to balance the survivor aspect and the competition aspect for the show, along with the starvation aspect. Also, they are trying to put together compelling TV, and watching people simply waste away on a weekly basis isn't all that appealing to the general TV-viewing public.
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    I think the two things ("surviving" and "social politics") have always been inextricably intertwined.

    A tired, hungry contestant might engage in compromised decision-making--making for a more interesting show.

    I totally agree with Pat that the current Survivor experience is no cakewalk. Those contestants in "One World" obviously lost a LOT of weight, but as an audience we have not--in recent seasons--been let in to as much of the camp politics as in the past.

    These are all editorial judgments on the part of the editors/producers...and they probably have good reasons for the decisions. I guess I would think a great way to satisfy everyone would be to have a little more Survivor available. There's an overwhelming amount of content (39 days worth) to squeeze into the few minutes we get each week. What a difficult job that must be.

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