Survivor - Nicaragua - season 21 thread

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Patrick Sun, Sep 10, 2010.

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    You never know what will happen...I guess that is why we keep watching.

    I remember in the Australia version - an Intelligence Officer in the United States Army was on one of the teams - and was the 1st one to be voted off - I found some discriptions of what happened:

    "Jerri told the entire tribe at Ogakor that she saw Kel eating what looked to be beef jerky. The entire tribe started talking about it while he was out, and they rifled through his bag where they found nothing. Kel overheard them talking and confronted everyone, saying it was a blade of grass. He then offered his razor blades for everyone to use, which Jerri thought was a huge sign of guilt."



    "Kel lasted only 6 days in the outback. He got the boot mainly because evil Jerri accused him of holding out on the tribe by hiding beef jerky in his kit bag (contestants who haven't won any food through immunity challenges only get a half cup of cooked rice a day)."

    I found an interview with this guy in case you haven't seen him (he was voted off 1st from his tribe - second overall)

    I think he would have done well on RI....

    We haven't seen it yet - they might have rice or fishing supplies - or be given whatever the remaining tribes earn during their challenges. Having a tarp, shelter, and food can go a long way...especially if you are only sharing it with 1 other person.
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    I find the RI aspect intriguing and it could shake things up. I seem to recall folks not liking the concept of HIIs either when they first showed up...

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